by The D.C. Show

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released October 14, 2014



all rights reserved


The D.C. Show Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Drinkognito
(MC Mossberg)
Hey what's new boys? With me? Uhh really nothing
7 years later thought I'd come and fuckin kill something
real rugged been building up to fill your fuckin cup and spill blood
and fill thugs with the urge just to piss in your lungs and kick drugs
and give a kiss to your mom, while I sip Evian
you're probably thinking it's Water, Dumb Idiot
Yo, This is Drinkognito and it's brimming with Vodka!
I'm flippin' out on ya, I'm givin ya the Wacky Wobble
Scoring Highlight K-O's with a plastic bottle
I make a laugh of the squabble then maybe end 'em
I leave a Grown man with Shaken Baby Syndrome
Either way, I'm taking a drink
and it's yellow Gatorade, but it Ain't what you think
and when I'm out and about I just really like to Scotch it up
You'll know what's up when I Bash you with a Coffee Cup!

Hide That Drink! Here comes the Po po
Hide That Drink! Here they come, Oh no!
Hide That Drink! In Gatorade bottles, Coffee Cups
We're just some assholes you don't Like!
We're just some assholes you wanna fight!
Hide That Drink and we can Drink all Night!
Hide That Drink and we can Drink all Night!

It's been a while, been away from this Rap and Rock
and things have changed in the game since the last we talked
all this Fame in my brain has made me change and pop
and now I'm famous a lot, I'm still here aiming at 'Pac
I'm feeling blameless and hot and I'm just blatantly not
cuz I'm still racing the clock, I said clock and cock
so get off mine and stop before I knock yer block off
This time it's got me all fucking bothered and lock jaw
I'm saving the game from all this pop like Nabokov
so back the fuck off of, before I just snap and get drunk
off these Scotch Hops, and start playing hop scotch
the D.C. boys are getting all pampered and notched off
rub and tugs, we're tugging rugs and beating the Cops off
Like Kickin fuckin ass and not suckin their Cock snot
my boys and I are rolling downtown in our drop top
leaning out the Passenger, we got a Shotgun!!


I don't wanna tell you what I'm thinking about
I gotta figure out how to get this Drink in my mouth
and it wouldn't be a problem if I was chillin at my house
but I'm at the Liquor store and they haven't finished Checkin me out
speaking of Checkin me out, behind the till is this cute chick
I'm like "Hey, wanna see my Huge Dick?!"
Hahhaha, No, She didn't
Ah, well she's just one in a billion
but fuck, I love being brilliant!
I can pour my drink in the cup from the Burger King
liquid confidence helps me to murder pink
down at the beach while I'm sippin on Vodka
checkin out the bitches as they walk down the Boardwalk
y'all know I Cock Tail like a Molotov
Drinkognito! The Rap Alcoholicaust!

(King Dylan)
I'm old school like Wilson and Vaughn
To be Frank, i'm hoping someone fills up the bong
I'm going streaking with some Milf's like your mom
cuz once it hits the lips, King dyl's fuckin gone!
You can find me anywhere on the city map
getting drunk in public, with my silly laugh
telling God to bring Tupac and Biggie back
take a swig and have a rant about shitty rap
yo, cuz I don't give a fuck about 2 Chainz
Watch out, cuz I'll be next to Rush ya, like Ukraine
the King's pissing down on all of you new names
you need an umbrella, So I'll tell ya who reigns
Yeah, listen to the heart of a king
let me show you my scars when I sing
I rock 16 bars, and I call it a pub crawl
we're the rap alcoholics, So fuck y'all!

Track Name: Take Down
(King Dylan)
I'm on the verge of ripping mothafuckas throats out
Don't Speak, No doubt! Oh wow, No sleep, I go out,
showdown! You know me, I don't need The Roadhouse
to go deep and make these fuckin hoes shout
"HEEYY DYLL what's the deal you're adorable!"
Don't get attached Bitch I'm not normal!
I hear more songs and I'm just getting bored y'all
My Art is Pop Culture Call me Andy Warhol
I Paint Rappers with Labels, cuz you're canned Food
You ain't fresh, I make moves like Dance shoes
I got the Amplitude - my Wavs form like Cancun
You're a beached whale, I'm that dude who's damn rude
I make the Christians Bale like Pat Bateman
My rap statement's Canadian Back Bacon
I say something important while making that ass shake I'm
Playing Hockey on Friday night, where's my Mask, Jason?!

This is a Take down
you can't escape now
you mothafuckin chumps
you're gonna get layed out
Oh Oh OH
Shout it Out Oh Oh Oh

and we say Hey Now! this is a Take Down
every other mothafucka tryna be Drake now.

I can see the signs, like you're an activist
Tired of the play, actors and actresses
I'll Take this mothafuckin War to the Mattresses
Drop a bomb and leave you fucked like Nagasaki is
so watcha gonna do, act like you have some tits?
Grip a Dick and suck tips like my waitress did?
Grab a napkin and wipe your Chinny chin Chin
don't act surprised bitch, didn't you see me Cum in?
Float like a butterfly, sting like I'm Cassius
Smile at the mirror while I Fuck em in their Asses
you wanna shop, bitch? I'll give you the Hot thick
Cock like a black Dick, cocked like a Mack 10
You don't wanna get caught in the streetlights
if I'm in the streets then I'm causing a streetfight
I'll put this fucker to bed so he can sleeptight
I'm always ready to Go! like a greenlight

Let's play a game where I talk and you listen
open up your mouth before I'm done you'll have a tooth missin
you can't chew your fuckin food like a soup kitchen
you'll be running when I'm coming cuz you're too chicken
you scared shitless Dear Diarrhea poos spillin
drinking with my left while I'm giving you fools a lickin
I'm booze sippin, hittin this Pabst Blue Ribbon
I tear the stadium up like I'm a Hooligan
OH look it's you again, googling men
go Ask Jeeves why you took a fuckin' boot to the chin
I'll lose another fist up in this losers fucking lip
and take this mic and break it harder than his Grandmas sexy hip
Yep! Time to dust it off with my dick
Yuck! I threw up, now who the fuck you think is sick!!
what? she's ninety-five like some Day Job shit
staying up breaking bones like the graveyard shift


(MC Mossberg)
All Hail the Maniac! He's Amazingly fast
evasive in fact, you're misplacing my ass
my brain is taking the match, it's a major advantage
mind is racing with rap I gotta Ace in my hand
and it's unfortunate, there's no base in your stance
I'll fuckin fling you so far you're a face in the stands!
I'm wasting your half-baked plans, ya bunch of latent hams
you punching-bags-for-rappers, So rate my slams!
an Amazing man once said: you can always take a nap once dead
and if you're thinking you won't get the Tap, fuck-head
then you better just think of that again!
I'm inventive and clinical when I'm picking the pinnacle
Coup de Grace on ya Brah! when I finish ya skinsuit
so is it in you to make it this round?!
Here's a pad and pen you'd better take this down!

Track Name: Never Heroes
They call me the man who wears the tights,
flies around with his cape real dark at night
i just wanna wear jeans, in blue and white
what the fuck happened to my normal life?
everyone expects GQ to save em
i'm at home and I sew and wear an apron
cuz i got me and wife and kids and payments
see I don't even know who lois lane is!!?
But when i'm out i'm the man, that no one can mess with
not even that bitch King Dylan can test this
and I think he thinks he's the villain, but really?
He ain't worth my time, I'm getting too restless.
I'm not getting paid, but i'm pretty sure cops are.
I'm pretty sure the days of a hero's a lost art
My wife wants a pool and the kids want some pop tarts
fuck it, i'm just gonna be a hip hop star

You don't think I'm really a Hero
You don't think I'm really a Hero
but we are what we are
Super Hero Superstars
everybody breaks the law
La La lalalalalaaaa

(King Dylan)
They say I'm the villain. well this is the way that I'm feelin'
maybe it's because my name is King Dylan
and it's fun to rhyme things, see, Dylan the villain is chillin
thinking about killin and stealing, making me millions.
yo. I am the mastermind, behind the criminals
but I still like to get my hands dirty with women yo.
If you need the job done right, yo, just lemme know!
I'm the mothafuckin villain mothafucka, anyhow
I've never been arrested, i'm just so swift
To the man in tights, I'ma bust yo lip
tryna catch me, well you must have slipped
I got away with the shoppin cart, suck my dick!
I'ma smash this bus stop, run quick and hoot
whoop whoop! I'm so bad ass that i'm cute.
"Yeah mom, i'll be home for dinner real soon"
I'm gangsta! I should start a hip hop group....

(MC Mossberg)
I double take on a couple of pages
Did a rewrite, a man in tights, smashing crimes in the streetlight
and he's fighting a recent rash of villainy
monumentally mashing a mass of massive pillaging
and that's real to me, clues flash, encrypted
I put the puzzle together and clash with the syndicate
so the case has grandiose crimes and vigilante justice
scams from broke minds and fancy punches
crafty plans and bunches around baggin lunches
I'm the cop on the scene standing handsome and rugged
but answer me one thing, if you're the best detective
you've been trying for months, but you never catch them
but the chief is amazed at the case files stacked up
immaculate syllables and the words all match up
that's nuts, like a Squirrel stashing stuff
the boss is pushing me to quit and Just Rap it up.

I'm the original, they call me Buttnz I'm the general
superheroes, villains, and cops - I am behind them all
I'm just chillin up at the top, I am the pinnacle
mothafuckas beg me to stop, but I'm a Criminal!
Fuck! all these cynical shitheads are getting critical
and Fuck! all these pitiful dicks can suck my genitals
and money was plentiful but I'm maxin out my credit cards
I want to be a hip hop star but no one will return my calls!
GQ, (sup) he was cooler than DQ, but now he's warming up boys
hotter than pea soup
and KING D (yaa) saying something like DC
now is this the mothafucka that insisted they regroup
and MOSSBERG (what!?), not berg as in burglar,
run like a Zerg alert, Cop was a murderer
and he's rocking the beat too and running a street crew
now you're gonna tell me he'll be killing our sweet loops
I'm getting sick with a sweet tooth
and I hope these mothafuckas will be looking to recruit
cuz I'm through. A criminal with a dream too
since I was a kid to be a part of a Rap Crew

and if they don't let me, I'll fuckin kill them
all of them... haha
Track Name: Lots Of Women (feat. Erin Porter)
Cuz I have lots of women (lots of pretty women)
all around me, all around me

(King Dylan)
Yeah yeah ladies
You wanna have my babies
my head is getting achey
cuz you're acting kinda crazy
and maybe you were born in the eighties
but you're just a pretty woman,
i won't buy you a Mercedes
what you think I'm made of money cuz I sing well?
you're just trouble, I can tell how many men fell
for it but i can see through you like a windshield
and when you're married you'll all remember King Dyl!
yeah, now you're divorced with like ten children
you do a Tonne of Washing like Denzel
Your life is not for me I live for them thrills
I like to sin, I'll probably end up in hell
but now I'm stuck at the payphone
I messed up, no luck, the whole day's gone
my whole life always trying to find my way home
Getting older, singing this same song


Some call this a gift but I can call it a curse,
cause if im breaking up with her I'm driving off in a hearse
& ya it hurts cause she's a dime & knows how to twerk,
But I ain't risking my life to just to collect another purse,
I'm like a magnet with these beauties, over seas and in the movies,
Got a jar of hearts for every city, Fuck it's what they do to me,
Im Landing TD'S like I'm Drew Brees without a sweat,
But then I'll find myself in bed with a noose around my neck,
New day, next chapter and the bars are such a mess,
Should Ive really slept with every single waitress that I met?,
Oooweeee hell yes havin options is the best,
how can I not love what a woman offers from her chest,
from her heart from the start the very moment we had sex,
it's the best there's nothing better than the 2 of us in bed,
You can bet you'll be wet cause I'll be making you sweat,
an someday I'll meet the one til then get out of my bed!


(MC Mossberg)
Hey Hooker, I know this took a harsh turn but
You want a triple voda but I think I'm getting burned, slut
Your nose is turned up, and it's poignant
cause I saw you coming in with your boyfriend
You must be spoiled then, but don't lose your grip
I'm not your boyfriend, won't listen to your stupid shit
so don't get rude and trip, resort to ruthless tricks
cause Mossberg doesn't care that you can move your hips
Your attitude is shit, and then you threw a fit
I'm getting swung on, check the way this groupie hits
like a girl, fuckin laugh because I'm used to it
That's right! Show us the abusive chick!
and how your boyfriend is silent while you use his dick
he's just a stupid twit, while you bruise your fists
and all you ladies raging at your uselessness
I had a point here, thank you for proving it!

Track Name: Spend The Night (feat. Ashla)
Would you like if I'd spend the night with you
You can chase your dreams, I could ride with you
come on baby, let's roll, oh baby let me know
where you and i could go

(King Dylan)
yeah I know we ain't dating yet
but baby let's raise the bets
remember on the day we met
we watched the Bruins play the Jets
I know I'm you're favourite
more than just a crazy kid
who showed you what it's like to be out of your mind
like 86'd
Maybe it's the way we kiss
maybe this is crazy just
another case of chasing pretty ladies with
the wavy hips
tasty lips, deadly eyes
you could have any guy,
but to all of them you said goodbye
so you and I could spend the night

Every day i feel like that I'm the luckiest man alive
my heart pounds for this girl that's in my life
every moment is a treasure like we're invisible in disguise
Like when it's pouring rain and the sun breaks free
you're such a brightness to my eyes
Like you're Alice in my wonderland, and I'm Johnny D
baby, won't you Spend the night?


(MC Mossberg)
We locked gaze and babe I'm feeling hooked
I see the way you're stealing looks
it doesn't take a PHd to see the way you look at me
cuz I could read you like I read a book
like we just took some DMT and stood at the edge of the Ether
and the world and understood like neither of us could
how could we meet in a dream and have it leak into the world
you got me reeling and hurling through space at and absurd pace
I urge you to stay cuz I just cleaned another pearl
and I don't need some other girl

I've been thinking the same thing
'long as you promise you ain't trying to change me
or trying to save me,
Cuz I don't need you trying to raise me
I really just want somebody who can entertain me
It's not a secret that a sista can get crazy
If you don't believe me ask Beyonce or Jay-Z
You know it's different when it's just you and me
Let's take tonight and turn it into two or three

Track Name: Touch The Sky
(King Dylan)
We were just ...
Small kids with Wide eyes and Big dreams
High fives for Tie Dyes with ripped jeans
play fights and bike rides and little leagues
we were alive without Wi Fi or big screens
we chose happiness and love over paychecks
we paid the price a hundred times, we had to break necks
broken backs, broken hearts, but we're okay, gents!
broken rides, broken dreams, but we've stayed friends
some days I drink and I may seem a little bitter
I won't quit but I'll admit it I have never been a winner
but we get together, we have dinner, and remember
that we're just a bunch of simple men, singing lynyrd Skynyrd
"You'll find a woman, and you'll find love (You'll find love! you'll find love!)
and don't forget son, there is a someone up above"

we have holes in our socks
we're all broke and hate our jobs
let's touch the sky
and live among the stars

we have days we didn't eat
We live our dreams we never sleep
let's touch the sky

Mirror, mirror mirror mirror on the wall
who's the most beautiful emcee of all
I can't keep on ignoring the call
guess I just took 6 years off
Whatcha mean white men can't jump?
Lift my foot up, down come stomp
when the switch gets flipped and this bitch lifts off
and the business gets what the business wants
At the top of this world it's anomolous
the more we're hot the more we wanna be autonomous
the more we got the more we wanna be anonymous
the more we're not the more the paparazzi follows us
so what's the problem this cause is affecting us
of course we didn't really gawk at the consequences
I can't stop, touch the sky, like the God's above us
I'm Superman and Hip Hop's my Metropolis

Let us touch the sky, so we'll never die,
never live a lie, give up what we really love for a bigger piece of the pie,
but no, never us, we're living for the rush
of being up on the stage, & touring the world on a bus,
I went bankrupt yup and I then said so what,
because my life all fell apart while i was doing what I love,
I don't need to die with lots of money on my grave
Just as long as the world lives to talk about my face,
Sometimes you don't know what you got until it's gone,
I never lost music but I bleed it all day long,
then I turn my sorrow into songs,
Remember '94 we put that 2pac tape on,
I got my reasons, I walk the lonely road
an all I ever wanted was someone to hold me close,
I keep falling down (farther/father) when I try to stand,
I shed a tear every time I hear Simple Man.


(MC Mossberg)
Lengthy days blend away I pace myself in this expensive space
everything I make wastes away and it's a waste an extensive chase
and we're eventually paid but not before friendships are made
we all relate to a treacherous fate and put heads together
and make something that you can't desecrate cuz it remains
as long as man will persist, still changing your views
after I cash in my chips, so many passionless puppets
advance in the biz when the suits put ads on the back of our disc
I'm trapped in the system, I'm lashed in the pit
I reach for the sky and grabbing a handfuls of shit
so what's the answer to this, I think it's having a wish then
infecting the listeners til it crashes the system
we're backing the victim and crushing The Man
so Ball up your fists, Up with your hands!
Track Name: Hey Yo (feat. Moka Only)
Hey yo
Do what you gotta do
Hey yo
Baby where ya gotta go?

(King Dylan)
I'm not a quitter - I've been a loser, been a winner
I've been a sinner, all of those days I can't remember
I used to trip up, and tend to get a little bitter
my best friend always told me keep your chin up

he used to gamble and drink and had a lazy eye
he had a smile on his face until the day he died
I'm teary eyed when I look in the rearview
didn't even get the chance to tell him: Take care dude

Ooh you drive Me crazy, you're always on my mind,
I'm here to support you baby, what you wanna do this time,
ooh when this life gets hectic, I'll have your back when you take a breath in
when I say to follow ur heart & your dreams... I really meant it,


(Moka Only)
I'm not a bitter individual, consider
all of the days that I put into my love agenda
and surroundings putting pressure on every contender
trying to force original people from out the center
You get attention if you know how to copy well
there's apprehension if you step out of the boundary now
I found me, now, got many miles still
and love is the law so do what I will
that's what I do so I won't cry over foul milk
Just attract what I put out, I try still
and bring a lot of joy, that's the intention here
go mellow is the motto when it's meant to stear
clear of any negatives, focus on the positives
going for consecutive happy days, that's all it is
solid as rock, that's how we all should live
some might try to mock, but I won't fall to this


(King Dylan)
I will never point my finger at you
my brother, brother
I will never look down look down on you
My brother, brother
I could never walk a mile in your shoes
my brother, brother
I will never look down...
Don't ever look down.

Track Name: When I Get Famous/Smixx Skit
More Cash, More Clothes,
More Friends, Big Shows
Whatchu think? Sounds great
I just wanna be famous

More Girls, More Cars,
More Parties, Big Stars
Whatchu think? Sounds great
I just wanna be famous

Grab my keys to my ferrari, drivin up and down the avenue
as trendy as Atari cuz Rodéo is an attitude
pulled over by a cop who wants an autograph
and all that i can say is just to floor it
throw some diamonds up and wave
good buy is pickin up a suit so happening
for a million
not including all my slippers made of platinum for my chillin
in a pool of hundred dolla bucks
i stuck my money in a truck
and drove it to my vault and swam around in it like Scrooge McDuck
I'll buy a club and name it Oren, I'll buy Black and name it Orange
I'll make you a beneficiary die and be a fairy
godfather, don't bother spending money like you own it
though I'm old, it's still my dough
and your net worth is still a donut!


(King Dylan)
When I Get Famous I'm gonna buy the whole universe
nahh, but I'm gonna be popular for once, forget you stupid jerks!
Maybe I'll ask some questions later, but I'm shooting first!
I wanna be famous i'll sell my soul to lucifer!!
with credit cards i'll buy some cars for my garage
just superstars its no facade I'll have a mansion livin large
I paid the cost its just because I'm tired of livin in a condo
I'm possibly the awesomest, I'm winnin every Lotto!
yeah... i've got a charity foundation, with donations
for the "Buying King Dylan A Brand New House Organization"
Yeah, I could be the Nicest ever Humanitarian
but I'm gonna keep it ALL for the tomb that I'm buried in!!


(MC Mossberg)
Greetings Peon, now begone! How dare you touch my Vuitton?
now get back in your Neon 'fore I use your face to beat on
Now I'm famous, I'm blameless, I'm borderline racist
and I'll bend right over for a glorified paycheck!
I'm patient but if I catch you (mastur)'bating internet patrons
Just caving and brazenly evading the payments to me
I'm taking a bag with me, you'll see when you wake in the sea
No faking I'm taking you downloaders to court
I'm pissed right off I can't afford a new Yacht
because it's more than I got whether you're poorest or not
I'll get my Lawyers involved, and get my Chauffeur a couch
it's built by 46 toddlers and worth more than your house!

More Cash, More Clothes,
More Friends, Big Shows
(That's stupid, Money can't buy happiness)

More Girls, More Cars,
More Parties, Big Stars
(That's dumb, you guys are idiots!)

There's a few things we wanna do when we get Famous
We'll have so much money, we could make some changes!

I'll buy a dog and call it cat
I'll purchase thin and dub it fat
I'll buy Mary Kate and call her Ashley
I'll buy cute and make it nasty.

(King Dylan)
and I'll buy France and make it Spain
buy a one way street and change the lanes
Buy 20 cars but take the train
turn Hundreds into Paper Planes
See the Tour de france and put sticks in all their spokes
Go to Wall street and K-K-Kick you Yuppies in the throat Oh!

(MC Mossberg)
When I get famous, change my name and I'ma act like a dink
Cuz Baron Von Mossberg laughs cause you don't have anything
and time is money, kinda funny that you thought that you could fit the bill
you ask me for an autograph, I gotta laugh is this for real?

Well, I see a red door and I want it painted ORANGE!
No colours any more I want them to turn ORANGE!
Yahh, Orange! Yeah
Don't let an Orange Cat cross your path, or you'll have bad luck for 7 years
(7 years, 7 years, 7 years)
Oh wait that's Mirrors, (Yah Mirrors!)
Doesn't matter if you're Orange or White
It never mattered if you're Orange or White
It Doesn't matter if you're Orange or White
ORange white, Orange white, Orange.... White.
Track Name: Robot Wars 4000 Nicholas Cage Match/Face Off (feat. Ashla)
Who's that trippin down the stairs with their pants hangin
Caught you slippin now the whole Damn crowds sangin

We got the gloves off, game on take the shot
No holds barred old fashioned Face Off

when I woke up this morning I was somebody Else
I've been through hell n back, I'm just "Beside myself"

I'm not myself
How could you tell?

(GQ dissed by King Dylan)
Yo I'ma do steroids and hope I get buff
I'ma get retarded and coke myself up
condescending as fuck, I blame other people
but i flushed my Rock band down the drain with my ego
My name is GQ, what does it stand for?
(Giant Queer!) I'm jerkin to Man Porn
drooling over dudes while I twerk on the Dance Floor
with my right hand men Joe and Oren
.. Yeah Mossberg, I thought I should say
that.. You're getting Fat bro you oughta lose weight
and Buttnz, Oren, your cover has been blown
Napoleon Complex, (Little Dick Syndrome!)
.. about time someone's givin em hell
but You might wonder why i'm dissin myself
and why all of these rhymes are written SO well!
cuz every rap I write I ask Dylan for help!

(Buttnz dissed by MC Mossberg)
I'm the Triscuit-eatin'est, Dick Beatin'est Cheese eater!
You won't believe it til I eat all your cheese and leave ya
a tiny piece left, you won't have enough for a pita
Then I'll eat a whole bag of your Christmas Chips
No Fucks given, I did and you're missin dip
I'll take everything you love and finish it!
and if you need me, I'll be in your fridge and shit
sippin on drinks and things, eating your chips and dip
then I'll dip back, flip through the whip
and hit a pun like your shoulder when I knocked off the chip
Write a joke verse until Dylan trips
and then head to the pantry and fill up my fists
with uncooked pasta, the mission is this:
just fillin my lips with deliciousness
now there's the road, and I have to hit 'er
I can't finish my verse, cuz I'm late for dinner


(King Dylan dissed by Buttnz)
I feel like something is wrong
is itunes broken, what's going on?
I just checked and my records have bombed
doesn't anybody want to pay for my songs?
What the fuck? honestly, shucks
I've got less downloads than dicks that I've sucked
On my knees in the stall at the club
Back up bitch! Chicks are for Ducks
I wear an A-cup bra for my pecs
My friends don't respond to my emails or texts
at least at Rap I'm the best
I learned all i know from a guy named Smixx
Even though I'm English, I wish I was French
and in the Queen's tongue I'm a bundle of sticks
Let me clear this up and put it to rest
this Tattoo on my shoulder's a T-rex

(MC Mossberg dissed by GQ)
They call me Moss or Mossberg, Mossburger for short,
The type of muthafucka you don't wanna flirt with for sure,
I'm like a rhino with thick skin, Dicks thin like a sword,
An in fact I'm actually just a poets of sorts,
Im the most Humble fuckin person you could ever adore,
And every day at my door im winning all these awards,
I'm the best looking person you would never ignore,
I'll Turn ur car into a iPod I'm the biggest of dorks,
I like to roll around with sweaty men all over the mat,
When I'm done taking your back, be ready for a nap,
Blee bloo blee blah , Ra Ra Ra Smack!
I'm a rapping gorilla with my jeans around my crack,
My best friend's the man, he's the leader of rap,
& Like Joe Weider he's jacked, he'll make the theatre get packed
" All hail GQ ,we need you, we'll feed you, without you we are wack"

Track Name: Left With Hate
(King Dylan)
I just wanna feel pain... I just wanna feel.
I just wanna know that love is something real.
Nothing fake, nothing made up, something you can't cheat on
something you can't lead on, believe it I can speak on
any situation, chasing days I've wasted, no more patience
from waiting for the one that one day makes me feel amazing
but you'd never come to visit, I pictured
us as something different, but now this is unforgiven...
the gun gets lifted to my temple and i click it
so selfish of me, maybe I'll just empty the whole clip on
all you bitches, like I'm liquored up and pick it up and flip it
on myself, it's the only way I'm fixing triple sixes
cuz There's no rest for the wicked, I'm wide awake
and by the way you might've rained on my parade, but I'm okay
I tried to shake the lies and fakes but I'll die in vain for brighter days
My love has no more footage, this is the final take.

Girl I've heard the same old story
time and time again (even if I'm wrong)
I thought that I could trust you baby
a love that I could call a friend (how can you ever make it up to me?)

I wake up in the morning baby
another random face beside me says my name (and even when I'm gone)
you had every right to leave
but all you really did was leave me here with hate (Did you ever really care for me?)

All the memories inside of me, they trigger demons, made me a menace to society,
& better yet I'm on the fence with my sobriety,
this hate is idling its killing me here quietly,
While I deny why I should breathe,
With all this fate dividing me, I underrate why I survive am i so blind to see,
The lies of love we told the storybook of you & me,
Where the greater good is lying right beneath the souls of both our feet & we should know,
I'm lying on the ground, with my bottle almost down, teeter-tottering around, constant wandering this town,to figure out,
What my purpose on this earth is, are we living just to hurt ,do we deserve something more than worth it,
It's up to us to pick it up, in God we trust to fill our cup, it's still the cusp of our existence just muster up the guts,
if we miss to see what's just, scrapes ,bruises & the cuts, will we ever rise to the occasion, when we need to bleed for us?


Maybe I wasn't sure, cuz Baby it was a blur
and all that I have learned doesn't help me now
It was the way you taste, the memory of your face
it's killing me when I think of how you let me down
Girl, the stars in the sky were jealous when they saw
how bright that a love like ours could burn
and So they sent the clouds of doubt, blocking out our light
Oh, how a night can turn
I feel as though you put my heart in a cage
Knocked out my wind and ground dirt in my face
walked out my life without leaving a space
and when you left you left hurt in your place
You'll never know how much it hurt to watch you walk away
cuz you're the only reason that I learned to play this fuckin game!

Track Name: Gasoline (feat. Erin Porter)
(King Dylan)
Frustrated again, boys raised to be men
I keep on thinking what I've traded for them
all the days I put in, all the ways that we sinned
The life of a Rock band we created as friends
yeah, such a dream such a life unimaginable
international stars, Baby, that's the goal
but you know we won't survive the Tour on Gas alone
fuck around, next time I'll leave your ass at home
I got my own music, years paid a high price
I've worked hard for it No one's saving my life!
I don't trust the 'Ride, what if somebody quits?
Will we still party if nobody's in the audience?
yeah... and when the lights focus on us
what if we choke and suck? were we close enough? uh
cuz as I try to hide my feelings inside..
I open up... No such luck.

Nobody said it would be easy
but if I crash, would you stop the bleeding?
Nobody said it would be easy
but if I burn, would you be my Gasoline?

Look All I ever wanted was a friend,
more than that I wanted someone who would help me to the end,
with no pretending & did it matter that I gave my blood, my sweat my tears,
no love after all of these years?
So what, now I'm struggling to regain what I've lost
from the top to the bottom & now I'm feelin fuckin soft,
And As I try to hide my feelings inside,
this time I need to pry what's beneath why I cry,
get it out get it off my chest right here tonight,
tell you how I'm fuckin feelin in a verse that's right,
Do you Remember Broken Ride? Do we still matter in your mind?
All of us living breathing to the very same life,
Was it an easy pill for you Dyl? running with a new deal?
walk away, turn your back , no regrets whatever you feel?
you left us like an old pair of sneakers from grade 9 ,
just a distant memory u can look at from time to time


(MC Mossberg)
This fame business is a Game of inches
your main invention has a half-life decaying in minutes
so if you blink you miss it, it's cutthroat, making hits
the game is vicious, shady shit, so stay malicious
pitch an idea and I'll fake an interest,
create tension when egos collide, cuz what I make is the best
displacing the rest.
What started as good fun is breaking friendships
It's amazing, pages and pages to express your hell
we build a team, when this whole life it's just a test of self
we learn our lessons well, and when successes dwell
we spend it around no sense in being kept to self
but when we crash and burn, sometimes your back is turned
I love you bros, but I'm broke and I just have to earn
You guys are acting worried, when you should grab your turn
So cut the shit and grab a pen, we've got tracks to burn!