Left With Hate

from by The D.C. Show

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(King Dylan)
I just wanna feel pain... I just wanna feel.
I just wanna know that love is something real.
Nothing fake, nothing made up, something you can't cheat on
something you can't lead on, believe it I can speak on
any situation, chasing days I've wasted, no more patience
from waiting for the one that one day makes me feel amazing
but you'd never come to visit, I pictured
us as something different, but now this is unforgiven...
the gun gets lifted to my temple and i click it
so selfish of me, maybe I'll just empty the whole clip on
all you bitches, like I'm liquored up and pick it up and flip it
on myself, it's the only way I'm fixing triple sixes
cuz There's no rest for the wicked, I'm wide awake
and by the way you might've rained on my parade, but I'm okay
I tried to shake the lies and fakes but I'll die in vain for brighter days
My love has no more footage, this is the final take.

Girl I've heard the same old story
time and time again (even if I'm wrong)
I thought that I could trust you baby
a love that I could call a friend (how can you ever make it up to me?)

I wake up in the morning baby
another random face beside me says my name (and even when I'm gone)
you had every right to leave
but all you really did was leave me here with hate (Did you ever really care for me?)

All the memories inside of me, they trigger demons, made me a menace to society,
& better yet I'm on the fence with my sobriety,
this hate is idling its killing me here quietly,
While I deny why I should breathe,
With all this fate dividing me, I underrate why I survive am i so blind to see,
The lies of love we told the storybook of you & me,
Where the greater good is lying right beneath the souls of both our feet & we should know,
I'm lying on the ground, with my bottle almost down, teeter-tottering around, constant wandering this town,to figure out,
What my purpose on this earth is, are we living just to hurt ,do we deserve something more than worth it,
It's up to us to pick it up, in God we trust to fill our cup, it's still the cusp of our existence just muster up the guts,
if we miss to see what's just, scrapes ,bruises & the cuts, will we ever rise to the occasion, when we need to bleed for us?


Maybe I wasn't sure, cuz Baby it was a blur
and all that I have learned doesn't help me now
It was the way you taste, the memory of your face
it's killing me when I think of how you let me down
Girl, the stars in the sky were jealous when they saw
how bright that a love like ours could burn
and So they sent the clouds of doubt, blocking out our light
Oh, how a night can turn
I feel as though you put my heart in a cage
Knocked out my wind and ground dirt in my face
walked out my life without leaving a space
and when you left you left hurt in your place
You'll never know how much it hurt to watch you walk away
cuz you're the only reason that I learned to play this fuckin game!



from Drinkognito, released October 14, 2014
written by Dylan Roberts, Graham Furber, Oren Zacharias
Produced by King Dylan



all rights reserved


The D.C. Show Calgary, Alberta

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