Robot Wars 4000 Nicholas Cage Match​/​Face Off (feat. Ashla)

from by The D.C. Show

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Who's that trippin down the stairs with their pants hangin
Caught you slippin now the whole Damn crowds sangin

We got the gloves off, game on take the shot
No holds barred old fashioned Face Off

when I woke up this morning I was somebody Else
I've been through hell n back, I'm just "Beside myself"

I'm not myself
How could you tell?

(GQ dissed by King Dylan)
Yo I'ma do steroids and hope I get buff
I'ma get retarded and coke myself up
condescending as fuck, I blame other people
but i flushed my Rock band down the drain with my ego
My name is GQ, what does it stand for?
(Giant Queer!) I'm jerkin to Man Porn
drooling over dudes while I twerk on the Dance Floor
with my right hand men Joe and Oren
.. Yeah Mossberg, I thought I should say
that.. You're getting Fat bro you oughta lose weight
and Buttnz, Oren, your cover has been blown
Napoleon Complex, (Little Dick Syndrome!)
.. about time someone's givin em hell
but You might wonder why i'm dissin myself
and why all of these rhymes are written SO well!
cuz every rap I write I ask Dylan for help!

(Buttnz dissed by MC Mossberg)
I'm the Triscuit-eatin'est, Dick Beatin'est Cheese eater!
You won't believe it til I eat all your cheese and leave ya
a tiny piece left, you won't have enough for a pita
Then I'll eat a whole bag of your Christmas Chips
No Fucks given, I did and you're missin dip
I'll take everything you love and finish it!
and if you need me, I'll be in your fridge and shit
sippin on drinks and things, eating your chips and dip
then I'll dip back, flip through the whip
and hit a pun like your shoulder when I knocked off the chip
Write a joke verse until Dylan trips
and then head to the pantry and fill up my fists
with uncooked pasta, the mission is this:
just fillin my lips with deliciousness
now there's the road, and I have to hit 'er
I can't finish my verse, cuz I'm late for dinner


(King Dylan dissed by Buttnz)
I feel like something is wrong
is itunes broken, what's going on?
I just checked and my records have bombed
doesn't anybody want to pay for my songs?
What the fuck? honestly, shucks
I've got less downloads than dicks that I've sucked
On my knees in the stall at the club
Back up bitch! Chicks are for Ducks
I wear an A-cup bra for my pecs
My friends don't respond to my emails or texts
at least at Rap I'm the best
I learned all i know from a guy named Smixx
Even though I'm English, I wish I was French
and in the Queen's tongue I'm a bundle of sticks
Let me clear this up and put it to rest
this Tattoo on my shoulder's a T-rex

(MC Mossberg dissed by GQ)
They call me Moss or Mossberg, Mossburger for short,
The type of muthafucka you don't wanna flirt with for sure,
I'm like a rhino with thick skin, Dicks thin like a sword,
An in fact I'm actually just a poets of sorts,
Im the most Humble fuckin person you could ever adore,
And every day at my door im winning all these awards,
I'm the best looking person you would never ignore,
I'll Turn ur car into a iPod I'm the biggest of dorks,
I like to roll around with sweaty men all over the mat,
When I'm done taking your back, be ready for a nap,
Blee bloo blee blah , Ra Ra Ra Smack!
I'm a rapping gorilla with my jeans around my crack,
My best friend's the man, he's the leader of rap,
& Like Joe Weider he's jacked, he'll make the theatre get packed
" All hail GQ ,we need you, we'll feed you, without you we are wack"



from Drinkognito, released October 14, 2014
written by Dylan Roberts, Graham Furber, Joe Mosier, Oren Zacharias
Produced by King Dylan



all rights reserved


The D.C. Show Calgary, Alberta

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