Spend The Night (feat. Ashla)

from by The D.C. Show

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Would you like if I'd spend the night with you
You can chase your dreams, I could ride with you
come on baby, let's roll, oh baby let me know
where you and i could go

(King Dylan)
yeah I know we ain't dating yet
but baby let's raise the bets
remember on the day we met
we watched the Bruins play the Jets
I know I'm you're favourite
more than just a crazy kid
who showed you what it's like to be out of your mind
like 86'd
Maybe it's the way we kiss
maybe this is crazy just
another case of chasing pretty ladies with
the wavy hips
tasty lips, deadly eyes
you could have any guy,
but to all of them you said goodbye
so you and I could spend the night

Every day i feel like that I'm the luckiest man alive
my heart pounds for this girl that's in my life
every moment is a treasure like we're invisible in disguise
Like when it's pouring rain and the sun breaks free
you're such a brightness to my eyes
Like you're Alice in my wonderland, and I'm Johnny D
baby, won't you Spend the night?


(MC Mossberg)
We locked gaze and babe I'm feeling hooked
I see the way you're stealing looks
it doesn't take a PHd to see the way you look at me
cuz I could read you like I read a book
like we just took some DMT and stood at the edge of the Ether
and the world and understood like neither of us could
how could we meet in a dream and have it leak into the world
you got me reeling and hurling through space at and absurd pace
I urge you to stay cuz I just cleaned another pearl
and I don't need some other girl

I've been thinking the same thing
'long as you promise you ain't trying to change me
or trying to save me,
Cuz I don't need you trying to raise me
I really just want somebody who can entertain me
It's not a secret that a sista can get crazy
If you don't believe me ask Beyonce or Jay-Z
You know it's different when it's just you and me
Let's take tonight and turn it into two or three



from Drinkognito, released October 14, 2014
written by Dylan Roberts, Graham Furber, Joe Mosier, Oren Zacharias
Produced by King Dylan



all rights reserved


The D.C. Show Calgary, Alberta

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