When I Get Famous​/​Smixx Skit

from by The D.C. Show

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More Cash, More Clothes,
More Friends, Big Shows
Whatchu think? Sounds great
I just wanna be famous

More Girls, More Cars,
More Parties, Big Stars
Whatchu think? Sounds great
I just wanna be famous

Grab my keys to my ferrari, drivin up and down the avenue
as trendy as Atari cuz Rodéo is an attitude
pulled over by a cop who wants an autograph
and all that i can say is just to floor it
throw some diamonds up and wave
good buy is pickin up a suit so happening
for a million
not including all my slippers made of platinum for my chillin
in a pool of hundred dolla bucks
i stuck my money in a truck
and drove it to my vault and swam around in it like Scrooge McDuck
I'll buy a club and name it Oren, I'll buy Black and name it Orange
I'll make you a beneficiary die and be a fairy
godfather, don't bother spending money like you own it
though I'm old, it's still my dough
and your net worth is still a donut!


(King Dylan)
When I Get Famous I'm gonna buy the whole universe
nahh, but I'm gonna be popular for once, forget you stupid jerks!
Maybe I'll ask some questions later, but I'm shooting first!
I wanna be famous i'll sell my soul to lucifer!!
with credit cards i'll buy some cars for my garage
just superstars its no facade I'll have a mansion livin large
I paid the cost its just because I'm tired of livin in a condo
I'm possibly the awesomest, I'm winnin every Lotto!
yeah... i've got a charity foundation, with donations
for the "Buying King Dylan A Brand New House Organization"
Yeah, I could be the Nicest ever Humanitarian
but I'm gonna keep it ALL for the tomb that I'm buried in!!


(MC Mossberg)
Greetings Peon, now begone! How dare you touch my Vuitton?
now get back in your Neon 'fore I use your face to beat on
Now I'm famous, I'm blameless, I'm borderline racist
and I'll bend right over for a glorified paycheck!
I'm patient but if I catch you (mastur)'bating internet patrons
Just caving and brazenly evading the payments to me
I'm taking a bag with me, you'll see when you wake in the sea
No faking I'm taking you downloaders to court
I'm pissed right off I can't afford a new Yacht
because it's more than I got whether you're poorest or not
I'll get my Lawyers involved, and get my Chauffeur a couch
it's built by 46 toddlers and worth more than your house!

More Cash, More Clothes,
More Friends, Big Shows
(That's stupid, Money can't buy happiness)

More Girls, More Cars,
More Parties, Big Stars
(That's dumb, you guys are idiots!)

There's a few things we wanna do when we get Famous
We'll have so much money, we could make some changes!

I'll buy a dog and call it cat
I'll purchase thin and dub it fat
I'll buy Mary Kate and call her Ashley
I'll buy cute and make it nasty.

(King Dylan)
and I'll buy France and make it Spain
buy a one way street and change the lanes
Buy 20 cars but take the train
turn Hundreds into Paper Planes
See the Tour de france and put sticks in all their spokes
Go to Wall street and K-K-Kick you Yuppies in the throat Oh!

(MC Mossberg)
When I get famous, change my name and I'ma act like a dink
Cuz Baron Von Mossberg laughs cause you don't have anything
and time is money, kinda funny that you thought that you could fit the bill
you ask me for an autograph, I gotta laugh is this for real?

Well, I see a red door and I want it painted ORANGE!
No colours any more I want them to turn ORANGE!
Yahh, Orange! Yeah
Don't let an Orange Cat cross your path, or you'll have bad luck for 7 years
(7 years, 7 years, 7 years)
Oh wait that's Mirrors, (Yah Mirrors!)
Doesn't matter if you're Orange or White
It never mattered if you're Orange or White
It Doesn't matter if you're Orange or White
ORange white, Orange white, Orange.... White.


from Drinkognito, released October 14, 2014
written by Dylan Roberts, Joe Mosier, Oren Zacharias
Produced by King Dylan



all rights reserved


The D.C. Show Calgary, Alberta

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