Gasoline (feat. Erin Porter)

from by The D.C. Show

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(King Dylan)
Frustrated again, boys raised to be men
I keep on thinking what I've traded for them
all the days I put in, all the ways that we sinned
The life of a Rock band we created as friends
yeah, such a dream such a life unimaginable
international stars, Baby, that's the goal
but you know we won't survive the Tour on Gas alone
fuck around, next time I'll leave your ass at home
I got my own music, years paid a high price
I've worked hard for it No one's saving my life!
I don't trust the 'Ride, what if somebody quits?
Will we still party if nobody's in the audience?
yeah... and when the lights focus on us
what if we choke and suck? were we close enough? uh
cuz as I try to hide my feelings inside..
I open up... No such luck.

Nobody said it would be easy
but if I crash, would you stop the bleeding?
Nobody said it would be easy
but if I burn, would you be my Gasoline?

Look All I ever wanted was a friend,
more than that I wanted someone who would help me to the end,
with no pretending & did it matter that I gave my blood, my sweat my tears,
no love after all of these years?
So what, now I'm struggling to regain what I've lost
from the top to the bottom & now I'm feelin fuckin soft,
And As I try to hide my feelings inside,
this time I need to pry what's beneath why I cry,
get it out get it off my chest right here tonight,
tell you how I'm fuckin feelin in a verse that's right,
Do you Remember Broken Ride? Do we still matter in your mind?
All of us living breathing to the very same life,
Was it an easy pill for you Dyl? running with a new deal?
walk away, turn your back , no regrets whatever you feel?
you left us like an old pair of sneakers from grade 9 ,
just a distant memory u can look at from time to time


(MC Mossberg)
This fame business is a Game of inches
your main invention has a half-life decaying in minutes
so if you blink you miss it, it's cutthroat, making hits
the game is vicious, shady shit, so stay malicious
pitch an idea and I'll fake an interest,
create tension when egos collide, cuz what I make is the best
displacing the rest.
What started as good fun is breaking friendships
It's amazing, pages and pages to express your hell
we build a team, when this whole life it's just a test of self
we learn our lessons well, and when successes dwell
we spend it around no sense in being kept to self
but when we crash and burn, sometimes your back is turned
I love you bros, but I'm broke and I just have to earn
You guys are acting worried, when you should grab your turn
So cut the shit and grab a pen, we've got tracks to burn!



from Drinkognito, released October 14, 2014
written by Dylan Roberts, Graham Furber, Joe Mosier
Produced by King Dylan



all rights reserved


The D.C. Show Calgary, Alberta

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